Lars Lockefeer

FMICS paper accepted

June 27th, 2014

While I started studying Computer Science out of an interest in programming, over the course of the years I became more and more interested in its more theoretical and formal aspects. For this reason, I decided to enroll in the Formal Methods for Software Verification program at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which focuses on how to apply formal methods to verify the correctness of complex software systems.

For my Master Thesis, I specified an extension to the TCP Protocol in a formal language and verified that its behaviour is correct. After I graduated from university in 2013, my supervisors encouraged and helped me to create a paper out of this thesis, which we subsequently submitted for the 2014 edition of the conference on Formal Methods for Industry Critical Systems.

Earlier in June, we received confirmation that our submission was accepted and we have just submitted the final version to the conference. For reference, a manuscript of the paper can be found here. The final, published version can be obtained from Springer.

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